A new world is rising!

The next step

One day our mind will fully connect to the web. We will dive more into the digital world than ever before. When conquering a new world it is time to make settlements an build a new colony. A new city! 

Who are the first ones to enter this space? We are embarking on a terrific journey and will build more cities over time to make the new space our home. It’s up to you to determine where this trip will lead. 

No one knows what new amazing things we are about to explore. 

We already discovered the first few cities from some brave explorers. But who are the mayors of these? Guess we will find out soon…

The mission

The artworks

The city artworks are handmade one of a kind pieces. They are made of personal photos which makes them irreproducible. This project for now is limited to 100 cities. Every city has it’s own appearance. The owner of this 1/1 NFT will be the mayor. In addition there is a seperate 1/10 founders badge NFT for ten people being the first settlers of the city.

The code

Each city has a specific unique code. For example: CC-91-XX. CC is the abbreviation for CryptoCities. 9 stands for the district and 1 is the city number. The additional XX is a currently undefined ID for an upcoming citizens PFP project.

The districts

There are 10 different districts in which these cities are located. District 0 in the very center is home to the capital surrounded by district 9 (the suburban area) and all the other infinite districts.

The benefits

There will be a discord channel for each city, only accessible for the owners of the NFTs belonging to that certain city. Meaning there is a very private room of only the mayor and 10 settlers to communicate, share very exclusive content, host special events or more. If the NFT owner for example is a sports person you may be lucky enough to be invited to use your 1/10 NFT as a ticket to an event. It’s up to the mayor to provide value to his supporters. 

Mayors share in the revenue from the founders badge sales to honor their engagement for the community. They also have a say in what roads the project will take.

In the future we will also offer exclusive investment opportunities for our members only.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Neil Armstrong

The discoveries

The first settlers have already achieved some great milestones. A few cities are already shaping the image of the new world. Which one is your home?

The socials

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